John Deere Operations Center™ Construction

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March 5, 2024
John Deere Operations Center™ Construction
Photo credit: Wirtgen Group

Today, many construction companies already rely on a variety of telematics and process solutions for monitoring construction sites as an aid to meeting growing demands in terms of productivity, efficiency and process documentation. To enable WIRTGEN GROUP customers to overcome these challenges, they provide the support they need with the John Deere Operations Center™.

John Deere Operations Center™ – the foundation for the digital future of the WIRTGEN GROUP

With the launch of the Operations Center in the WIRTGEN GROUP, they are building on a strong foundation that was implemented by John Deere in the agricultural industry over ten years ago. In other words, the system is based on many years of experience and mature technologies with a proven track record established in the field by more than 100,000 agricultural machines and John Deere construction machines.

Photo credit: Wirtgen Group
Photo credit: Wirtgen Group

The John Deere Operations Center™

This tool is a central platform that provides digital solutions for the management of entire construction sites – at any time and from anywhere, including planning, monitoring, maintenance and analysis. The John Deere Operations Center™ will serve as an interface between operators and machines on the construction site and the offices of site managers and resource planners. In this role, it will ensure a better overview, greater efficiency and higher productivity.

The mobile version of the Operations Center is available as an App for Apple iOS and Android and can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Apple App Store or Google Playstore.

John Deere Operations Center

Photo credit: Wirtgen Group
Photo credit: Wirtgen Group

What benefits does the John Deere Operations Center™ bring you?

See progress anytime

Without having to be on site, you have an overview of the construction sites and the construction progress at any time via a user-friendly dashboard. The machine utilization and the material consumption of all machines involved in the jobsite are displayed in a consolidated overview, enabling consistent planning and calculation of projects.

Availability and value retention

With the John Deere Operations Center™, you are always informed about the condition of each of your machines. With integrated maintenance plans, you can easily plan your service intervals. In this way, you improve the availability of your machines and maintain their value.

Productivity and efficiency

With Performance Monitoring for cold milling machines, the jobsite progress can be continuously monitored and material consumption predicted. Relevant performance data help dispatchers optimize machine utilization and productivity and can be used as comparative values for the planning of future projects.

Track and document

The John Deere Operations Center™ shows you the current location and location history of each machine and directs you to your machine on the jobsite. Continuous documentation of location and machine status allow for consistent analysis of machine operation and projects.

System accessibility

View all John Deere and WIRTGEN GROUP machines in one place. Plus, all compatible machines from other manufacturers can be integrated into the Operations Center in the future. This will enable customers to digitally manage and maintain their entire fleet.

Everything in one place

With the John Deere Operations Center™, the WIRTGEN GROUP is creating a central location for all current and future digital solutions. You will have a future-proof system that is always state-of-the-art and you will benefit from future developments, thereby remaining competitive in your business environment.

Photo credit: Wirtgen Group
Photo credit: Wirtgen Group

John Deere Operations Center™ – what does the future have in store for users?

In the future, they will be offering more and more new functions with particular relevance for the earthmoving and road construction sectors. In the future, users of WITOS FLEETVIEW and JD LINK will be able to enjoy the convenience of using these functions in the John Deere Operations Center™.

Performance Monitoring for WPT equipped cold milling machines

For cold milling machines equipped with the WIRTGEN GROUP Performance Tracker (WPT) an additional set of performance data is displayed, that enable site managers to continuously monitor machine performance, consumption and the overall jobsite progress. 

To the WIRTGEN GROUP performance tracker

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