A Strong Customer Support Network: Vital to intelligent Machine Control Success

With the support of the Komatsu distributor TSEs, Komatsu customers are reassured to get all the benefits from the Komatsu intelligent machine control features.
April 2, 2024
Björn Gercke, Technology Solutions Expert
Björn Gercke, Technology Solutions Expert

Komatsu recently celebrated the milestone 10-year anniversary of their revolutionary intelligent Machine Control (iMC) technology on dozers and excavators. Not only did this signify a major technical innovation which continues to deliver huge customer efficiencies through an ever-expanding population of machines, but it also emphasises the value of having a highly skilled and knowledgeable support organisation, vital in assisting the customer in the use of the technology on their jobsites to maximise their return on investment.

Across Europe, Komatsu has an extensive support structure for their iMC machines, which starts from site level, through their distribution network onto the iMC Product Support team at Komatsu Europe. Perhaps the most important link in this chain are the Technology Solutions Experts (TSE), a group of machine control specialists positioned at Komatsu distributors, whose function is to help customers with a seamless machine handover, job-site setup, etc. and are the key single point of contact for both the machine and system (something which is fairly unique in the industry due to iMC being fully factory integrated) on an ongoing basis should the customer need advice, technical and application support.

From Dozer Operator to Solutions Expert

Björn Gercke, a TSE based at distributor Kuhn in southern Germany, is a perfect example of this key role, and he embodies the experience and knowledge of the whole network, as he was one of the pioneers of the iMC market introduction in Europe, so is also celebrating his own 10-year anniversary. Björn’s background was as a dozer operator, involved in landscaping jobs like the construction of golf courses, so he already had a hands-on appreciation of the types of applications that iMC excels in. “I was super impressed by the system, back in 2013, when I first saw and tried it, and I was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time in my career,” said Björn. “It was a big challenge to transform from a machine user to a support person, and I must admit that I was a bit nervous at the start. However, the training and coaching provided by Komatsu was invaluable - it completely transformed my knowledge, capabilities and confidence levels. The most pleasing thing is that my operator experience, knowledge and customer feedback has led directly to new features and machine development. Ten years on, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else than working with these iMC machines and our customers, it’s my perfect job.”

“Also, the support of my employer, Kuhn Germany, really helped me in my career path because their focus is on expanding the use of technology and empowering their employees to embrace it.”

Björn’s day-to-day schedule provides the ideal insight into the work of a TSE. Jobsite essentials like establishing a base-station or virtual reference system (VRS) set-up are common tasks. However, it’s when ongoing support is required that the TSE role really provides added value to the customer. The ability to connect remotely to the iMC monitor through Komatsu’s remote support functionality means that almost 99% of the work can be done without having to physically visit the machine location. The TSE sees what the operator sees on the screen and can offer advice on settings, trouble-shoot when terrain designs are complex or require adjustment etc. and even take control of the monitor if needed.

Deep Machine Control Experience

There are times even someone as experienced as the TSE needs support and the benefit of even deeper knowledge of the system. This is when the iMC Product Support team based at Komatsu Europe’s head office in Brussels, Belgium come in. Bart Galle, iMC Service and Support Manager was integral at the introduction of the technology in Europe back in 2013 and has many years of experience of GNSS machine guidance and land surveying. Bart, along with his colleague, Samuel Weerts can remotely dial straight into any iMC machine in Europe to assist the TSE and customer when required. Bart’s team also provide the ongoing training to the TSE network and are the vital link to the machine and system developers within Komatsu. Bart explained, “I’ve been in the machine control business for more than 20 years now, with the introduction of the first iMC dozer back in 2013, when I experienced the advanced technology first-hand, it was a “lightbulb” moment. I immediately saw the benefits of the integrated system and I wanted to be involved with this fantastic product.”

“Our role is to bridge the gap between the field and Komatsu’s technical design departments. We have direct access to the engineering teams to ensure modifications or adjustments can be made efficiently, or solutions to special applications can be tailor made.”

Direct Link to Design Teams

Samuel Weerts, iMC Product Support Manager, who has a background in land surveying and engineering backed up Bart’s comments, “from Komatsu Europe we aim to assist the distributor TSE and most importantly, the customer, in the most direct and efficient way possible and also to leverage the vast iMC knowledge network that has been built up over the past 10 years, not just in Europe, but within Komatsu and its subsidiaries across the world. If there’s an application or challenge that we have never seen or heard of before we almost instantly find a colleague who has.”

Samuel Weerts, iMC Product Support Manager
Samuel Weerts, iMC Product Support Manager

“From the early days of introduction, through learning both from Komatsu, distributor TSEs and especially customers, on how to deploy and get the best out of this unique technology, we’ve come a long, long way since 2013. It’s truly a story of creating value together, “concluded Bart Galle.

Intelligent Machine Control 2.0

The intelligent Machine Control technology has also evolved in the past years. The latest generation iMC 2.0 delivers step changes in your daily operation.

The Komatsu fully factory integrated technology enables operators to get the job done right first time, every time.

Intelligent Machine Control 2.0 for excavators

Explore the intelligent Machine Control features 2.0 for excavators with interactive animations. Click here to discover more on Komatsu Europe website.

Komatsu dia1

Intelligent Machine Control 2.0 for dozers

Explore the intelligent Machine Control features 2.0 for dozers with interactive animations. Click here to discover more on Komatsu Europe website.


Komatsu dia2

Komatsu has the ambition to maintain and further develop the high knowledge, experience, service and support levels that their customers deserve. With the support of the Komatsu distributor TSEs, Komatsu customers are reassured to get all the benefits from the Komatsu intelligent machine control features. 

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