Highway & Network Management

March 30, 2021
Road safety risks are mainly from motor vehicles.
March 29, 2021
Tanzania is introducing a new road safety plan.
March 25, 2021
The US has a poor pedestrian safety record.
March 25, 2021
The Swedish electric road group, including Elonroad, will install a flatter version of its system.
March 22, 2021
The Canadian province calls time on the old Quartz Creek Bridge.
March 19, 2021
Kapsch’s multi-lane free-flow G3 tolling system began operating in the tunnel since February 1.
March 18, 2021
Concern is being expressed at the poor US road safety in the US during the pandemic.
March 17, 2021
Kapsch’s Hybrid multi-lane toll system means overpaid costs for the entire section will be credited back to the driver's account.
March 10, 2021
US drivers have travelled less.
March 8, 2021
Kistler says that its new smartphone App has made it easier to properly install sensors for its weigh-in-motion systems.