India’s US$268.4 billion transport infrastructure plan

India has a massive US$268.4 billion transport infrastructure plan.
July 3, 2024 42.5 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
India is planning a massive road infrastructure expansion programme - image © courtesy of Pat Smith

India is setting out plans for a truly gargantuan transport infrastructure programme. The country’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is looking to invest US$268.44 billion on transport infrastructure. Approval is being sought by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways from the Indian Government.

The Highway Development Plan would see the construction of around 30,600km of roads by the 2032. This would involve building 18,000km of high speed roads. Traffic congestion around major cities would also be reduced with improvements to 4,000km of routes around these areas. The programme would also develop India’s international transport routes, improving connections with the country’s neighbours.

Tendering for the first phase of the programme should be complete by 2029, with the construction work then due to be finished by 2033.