XCMG’s new road machine line

XCMG is offering a new road machine line.
November 16, 2021 1 minute 10 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
XCMG will be offering a quality range of road machines under the new Sky Mirror HD+ brand – image courtesy of Mike Woof
XCMG has launched Sky Mirror HD+, a new global brand from XCMG Road Machinery offering high-end products designed for high-grade asphalt pavement applications.

Sky Mirror HD+ aims to make building and maintaining high-grade roads easier with packaged solutions and products, covering unmanned construction fleet technology to make work environments safer while reducing labour costs and construction time.

“The launch of the Sky Mirror HD+ global brand reflects our goal to reach the pinnacle of high-end manufacturing and high-speed asphalt surface construction,” said Wang Min, chairman of XCMG.

The Sky Mirror HD+ series includes five product categories including, asphalt plants, milling machines, graders, pavers and road rollers. The firm says that the new brand will also provide full coverage service support to cover the entire life cycle of the products.

The Sky Mirror HD+ brand launch also unveiled five new products from the series. The GR1905 grader I said to achieve high-precision levelling with a blade position that ensures stable operation. The machine features load-sensing hydraulics and is equipped with XCMG’s self-developed 3D levelling system.

The new RP1355T paver offers wide coverage and is equipped with a new generation of high-strength screed that is said to improves overall rigidity by 60% while lowering the torsional deflection by 40% compared to the industry average, allowing for improved results in extra wide paving duties.

The XD135 road roller has dual steel drums and a short wheelbase to ensure versatile operation. The efficient vibration system and static rolling option can deliver smooth compaction, according to the firm. It can be pre-installed in the world’s most advanced third-generation unmanned construction system together with the paver to achieve unmanned fleet construction.

The XM2005K milling machine has optimised the cutter holder welding and cutting tip technology to precision by 40% compared with earlier generation units. The precise milling drums and automatic levelling system are said to deliver smooth milling and high accuracy.

The 5500-type mixing plant is said to offer breakthroughs in production capacity, reliability, adaptability to working conditions and operating costs to reach an internationally-advanced technical level.
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