July 5, 2024 45 seconds Read
Guatemala is planning a new US$140 million highway.
July 5, 2024 1 minute 45 seconds Read
Ireland is planning €2 billion motorway linking Cork and Limerick
July 4, 2024 1 minute 1 second Read
Liebherr has unveiled its hydrogen power technology.
July 4, 2024 39 seconds Read
The Hillhead 2024 quarry show was a great success according to the organisers!
July 4, 2024 44 seconds Read
Implenia and Frutiger are to build a Swiss tunnel project worth almost €436 million.
July 3, 2024 45 seconds Read
FAYAT is buying a majority stake in US firm ADM.
July 3, 2024 42.5 seconds Read
India has a massive US$268.4 billion transport infrastructure plan.
July 3, 2024 1 minute Read
Veidekke has won a €180 million tunnel project in Norway.
July 2, 2024 43 seconds Read
Komatsu has bought the specialist underground machine maker GHH.
July 2, 2024 25 seconds Read
A massive Angola motorway contract will be handled by a Chinese firm.
July 2, 2024 1 minute Read
The International Road Federation’s World Congress in Istanbul from October 15-18 will be held in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and…
July 1, 2024 25 seconds Read
There is concern over Taiwan’s road safety record.
July 1, 2024 49 seconds Read
Argentina is benefiting from a road safety gain.
July 1, 2024 46 seconds Read
Holcim is scaling up the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in manufacturing across more than 100 plants worldwide over the next four years,…
June 28, 2024 39 seconds Read
Construction is due for a key US$488 million road tunnel project