Future-Forward Power Solutions from John Deere

John Deere Power Systems is taking a diversified approach to its power solutions to meet the changing needs of the off-highway industry.
October 1, 2022
JDPS Engine JD14
JDPS Engine JD14

As owners and operators of off-highway equipment continue to face increasing demands for improved emissions performance, fuel economy, and productivity, power solutions providers like John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) are investing in future-forward technologies that will give OEMs and their customers a competitive edge in the off-highway market as they work to meet their productivity and sustainability goals.

JDPS recognizes that it will take a variety of power solutions to meet the unique needs of off-highway equipment applications. From scalable battery power and viable alternative fuel options to next-generation industrial diesel engines and electric and hybrid drivetrain, a diversified range of solutions will be needed to meet power requirements across the off-highway industry.

Next Generation Engines

Leveraging its best technologies in new ways to meet both market and customer demands, JDPS is delivering new levels of reliability, durability, flexibility, and serviceability with its next generation engines (NGE). When developing its NGE lineup, JDPS consulted leading equipment manufacturers to learn more about what engine improvements were at the top of their lists.

The result? An expanded engine power range that can easily integrate John Deere power and performance into a wide array of heavy duty applications — and the opportunity to offer engines that don't require operators to manage extra fluids, like Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

Kreisel Batteries
Kreisel Batteries

NGE offer simple maintenance so that operators can stay on the job longer. They also provide operators with lower operating costs and meet both U.S. and EPA Final Tier 4/Stage V emissions regulations. John Deere’s next-generation engine lineup includes the JD4, JD14, and JD18. With this extended power range, users can put John Deere power and performance into their entire lineup of equipment from 36 kW (48 hp) to 676 kW (907 hp).

Kreisel Battery Pack 63 (KBP63)

As JDPS works toward a future with low and near-zero carbon solutions, it is investing significant resources in advanced battery technologies for off-highway vehicles.

Deere & Company acquired majority ownership in Kreisel Electric, Inc. (“Kreisel”), a battery technology provider based in Austria. John Deere’s strategic relationship with Kreisel will serve as the cornerstone in electrifying John Deere’s product portfolio as well as position JDPS as the preferred expert for OEMs looking to electrify their heavy-duty equipment.

JDPS and Kreisel will leverage the Kreisel Battery Pack 63 (KBP63), the company’s standardized battery solution, in future vehicle and powertrain designs. The KBP63 incorporates Kreisel technology benefits into one product. It utilizes Kreisel’s patented immersion cooling technology for efficient thermal management. This ensures that all cells are stressed equally, prolonging battery life while delivering exceptional safety standards.

The pack’s modular design allows the battery to serve multiple applications with just one platform solution. The same module is applicable for use cases within the automotive and commercial vehicle, off-highway, transportation,and marine markets. It can be connected in parallel as well as in series (400V or 800V). This offers high flexibility in combination with different possible installation positions (horizontal or vertical).

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