John Deere ploughs significant resources into electric future

John Deere Power Systems is investing significant resources in advanced battery technologies for off-highway vehicles. To demonstrate strides made toward low- and near-zero carbon propulsion systems, the company is showcasing a suite of electric systems, including batteries, drives and converters.
January 3, 2023
John Deere Kreisel Battery Pack 63
John Deere Kreisel Battery Pack 63

A key talking point, explains Collin Krantz, John Deere Power Systems OEM implementation manager, is the Kreisel Battery Pack 63 (KBP63), which utilises Kreisel Electric’s patented immersion cooling technology for efficient thermal management. This ensures that all cells are stressed equally, prolonging battery life while meeting high safety standards. Lifetime, Kreisel’s immersion cooling technology, offers a low temperature spread of <1°C throughout the module, thus increasing service life and reliability.

In addition, the company is showcasing a series of inverters based on a modular concept that supports single or dual configurations with a variety of other hardware options.

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