New Volvo CE asphalt screeds available

Volvo CE is now offering new electric screed models aimed at use in large-scale paving operations. The electrically-heated, fixed screeds are designed to make large-scale paving more cost-effective and to boost productivity and efficiency for major road projects.
April 24, 2023
Volvo CE is offering new electric fixed screeds for wide paving operations
Volvo CE is offering new electric fixed screeds for wide paving operations

The MB122 and VTD121 Electro Thermo Controlled fixed screeds can be used on Volvo CE’s large tracked pavers, producing a high-quality finish. The screeds can deliver consistent and evenly spread heating and are powered by a 55kVA onboard generator. Being electric, there is no need for customers to refill gas bottles. The firm claims that screeds offer fast start-up times as well as maximum uptime.

These fixed screeds are now available on the Volvo P6820D ABG, P7820D ABG and P8820D ABG models and offer paving widths of 2.5-13m. They have been designed to lay a wide range of materials ranging from hot asphalt to dry lean roller-compacted concrete and cement-bound materials, as well as graded mineral mixes.

The new electric heating function allows start-up in 40 minutes. The package combines one heated tamper bar and two heating elements/screed section for optimised heat distribution. It also has accurate thermo-controlled heating with an automatic temperature adjustment and individual temperature sensors for each section.

Screed status and behaviour can be monitored by the paver operator from the Electronic Paver Management (EPM3) control panel. Maximised precompaction is paramount to achieving a greater density in the finished mat, resulting in a longer-lasting pavement and lower operating costs. The new vibratory and tamping fixed screeds are said to deliver a smooth finish. Featuring variable vibration speed and tamper stroke, the screeds can be specified with a single or double tamper bar configuration.

Volvo fixed vibratory screeds with double tampers suit use for paving thick layers. The double tamper technology delivers a 5-7% higher degree of compaction than with a single tamper and can achieve a 98% Marshall density, reducing rolling requirements and associated costs. It also provides an even surface due to the feeding effect of the first tamper.

With a crown adjustment of +4% to -2% and extension boxes to work across a variety of paving widths, the new screed solutions are said to offer versatility for any job. Vario extensions, with an extension range of 0.75m on each side, allow the screed to extend or retract as needed in order to adapt to irregular edges, while manual or hydraulic end gates are an optional feature to control flow of material on either side.

The new onboard diagnostic function helps to check the condition of the heating bars and detect if and where a replacement is needed, reducing downtime. The design also ensures easy screed assembly and straightforward maintenance. The screed sections each have two central lifting eyes, while an integrated hose and cable routing provides a clear path for assembly. In addition, hydraulic connecting points and easily accessed electric connections, as well as service points and tamper bars that are within easy reach, making assembly and maintenance quick and easy.

If versatility is required, the firm offers Variomatic screeds that can be extended to double their basic width.

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