Improved pavers from Volvo CE

Volvo CE says that its latest P8820D ABG and P6870D ABG paver models combines size and versatility. The improved D-series variants benefit from a new design and smart features that are said to boost reliability and productivity.
Asphalt Paving, Compaction & Testing / March 24, 2020
Volvo CE’s new D-Series P8820D
Volvo CE’s new D-Series P8820D paver offers improved performance over the model being replaced

The P8820D ABG paver features a high-capacity hopper and a low emission Volvo CE engine. The machine is said to provide a stable base for highway paving, running on 325mm-wide by 3.12m-long tracks, combined with a robust frame and components. This new model offers a maximum paving width of 13m and a paving thickness of up to 300mm. With a hopper capacity of 14.7tonnes and a large conveyor tunnel, the P8820D ABG is able to achieve an output force of 1,100tonnes/hour.

Meanwhile the P6870D ABG is a wheeled paver with a 13tonne capacity hopper that can pave widths of up to 9m. Said to be versatile, the machine has a hydraulic self-levelling suspension system and three drive modes for paving, shunting and transport. It also has a three-point balance to stabilise the tractor platform; A Volvo drive system that delivers tough tractive force; large front wheels that provide high traction; and is available in 6x6 or 6x4 configuration. In addition, the load dependent torque control system adjusts power between the front drive wheels to prevent wheelspin.

The Volvo engines are said to be well-matched to the hydraulics, delivering high torque at low rpm. Fuel consumption is reduced with the adaptive ECO Mode, which matches engine output to job site requirements, which helps reduce noise levels. Insulated components throughout the machines offer further noise reduction.

The machines have several improvements over earlier models. The P8820D ABG is said to be ready for use with a variety of levelling systems including 3D packages. Increased auger height adjustment ranges from 120-200mm, which allows for optimal material flow in the auger channel for a wide range of layer thicknesses up to 300mm. It is available with a screed load device to prevent start-off bumps. The screed tensioning device locks torsional stiffness for the length of the screed, providing a consistent angle of attack across its width. The Soft Dock option reduces impact, optimising mat quality. The P8820D ABG has improved service access through a wide opening access hatch on the operator platform.

Volvo CE’s P6870D ABG wheeled paver
Versatility is claimed for Volvo CE’s P6870D ABG wheeled paver

The firm offers the VB78 and VB79 screeds for both the P8820D ABG and P6870D ABG. These variomatic screeds have eight guide tubes, four on each hydraulic extension. The firm says that while both screeds can be used for the same job site, the VB79 units are better suited when special crown profiles or specific draining requirements are required. The extendable screeds feature two additional articulated sections and are adjustable upwards or downwards by 10%, allowing paving of irregular profiles, while using less material. The firm says that the coupling systems allow screeds to be changed in just 55 minutes and without the need for special tools.

The machines are equipped with the Electronic Paver Management (EPM3) system, which features integrated functions such as a settings manager that can store settings for projects. There is also a service interval manager that alerts the operator to

maintenance needs. Meanwhile, Pave Assist provides digital tools, including a Material Manager, Thermal Profiling and Weather View, which can document the paving process and boost mat quality.

Paving efficiency is also improved with the optional Smart Dock, featuring remote controlled light bars that provide visual signals to the truck drivers to ensure they unload into the paver hopper more efficiently.

The P8820D ABG paver is powered by a Volvo D8J diesel rated at 200kW, which complies with the Tier 4 Final/Stage V emissions requirements. A version with the D7E diesel delivering 182kW that meets Tier 3 requirements is available for developing markets.

Meanwhile, the P6870D ABG is powered by a Volvo D6J diesel delivering 129kW that meets China Stage IV/EU Stage V emissions requirements. Alternatively, a version of the machine is also available with the D8 diesel

that meets Tier 3 requirements and delivers 129kW for markets without access to low sulphur fuels.

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