Screed heating option

Volvo CE is now offering a new screed heating option for its asphalt pavers, which can also be retrofitted to existing machines
January 16, 2023
Volvo CE’s new system allows a paver screed to be preheated  from an external electrical supply before the crew arrives onsite
Volvo CE’s new system allows a paver screed to be preheated from an external electrical supply before the crew arrives onsite

The new E+ Screed Heating option allows customers to preheat screed on their pavers before work starts. The system is also said to help lower noise and exhaust emissions, while increasing valuable paving time and reducing running costs.

The novel E+ Screed Heating solution is an innovative option helping customers both reduce their emissions and their own costs. Built for Volvo pavers, it is the first E+ solution designed by Volvo CE.

The system is now available on the firm’s D-series pavers but is of key importance for pavers working in urban environments, usually at a working width of 5.5m or less.

The E+ Screed Heating system allows the paver’s screed to be connected to an external power source without the engine running and also, without the paving crew being onsite. It can be powered either by an external power source like a battery pack or directly from the electrical grid using a standard CEE connector. Normally the screed needs 15-20kWh to achieve its working temperatures and using the in-built timer, the screed can be easily preheated to its working temperature.

The option is intended not only for new machines, but it can also be fitted retroactively to other D-series pavers that have already been delivered to customers.

As the paver’s engine does not have to be running when pre-heating starts, the paver can be put to work at the earliest opportunity in the morning. This can be critical in urban environments where there are often noise restrictions and machines cannot be started before certain times. The system also helps boost engine life by eliminating the need for idling to heat the screed, which accounts for around 10% of the machine’s life. Costs can be saved as a paving team does not need to be on site to start the paver. Instead, the crew arrives onsite when the machine is already at working temperature, increasing the available paving time and reducing the total cost of ownership of the paver. In addition, the system offers a more sustainable way of working. It extends the life of the paver and ensures servicing is required at less frequent intervals. It reduces emissions for an average paver by approximately 2tonnes of CO2/year.

Martyn Luby, product manager for Road Machinery at Volvo CE, says: “The E+ solutions will help to further improve the total cost of ownership, but at the same time our environmental and sustainability footprint will be improved – for both new pavers and for pavers already in use by our customers.”

Volvo CE’s D-series pavers, including the P6820D ABG and P7820D ABG, have been built to combine power, ease of operation, fuel efficiency, and lifetime enhancing features to deliver outstanding paving performance. And now with the first of the E+ Screed solutions, they can add even lower total cost of ownership and reduce noise and emissions.

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