Sripath’s ReLIXER® Helps Use of High-RAP Mixes in Ireland

ReLIXER®, an Asphalt Rejuvenator or Recycling Agent, developed and marketed by Sripath Technologies®, was successfully used to pave a 60% high-RAP mix on a roadway in Dublin, Ireland
October 1, 2023
Sripath’s RELIXER®, an Asphalt Recycling Agent, Used to Pave 60% Reclaimed Asphalt Mixes in Ireland
Sripath’s RELIXER®, an Asphalt Recycling Agent, Used to Pave 60% Reclaimed Asphalt Mixes in Ireland

The demonstration trial was organized and managed by Roadstone Ltd., a CRH Company with head office in Dublin, Ireland. The trial was conducted in collaboration with the Ireland Transportation Authorities at a site near Dublin, Ireland. Mr. Ranjeet Sandhu and Ms. Angela Staudinger of Sripath Innovations Ltd, Croydon, UK, an affiliate of Sripath Technologies, coordinated the efforts on behalf of Sripath®.

“The trial was extremely successful. With the help of ReLIXER, Roadstone was able to incorporate 60% RAP into the asphalt mix, meeting their goal to recycle and reuse higher levels of reclaimed asphalt.”, said Sandhu.

For this trial, two dense base asphalt mixes, AC20 and AC32, were evaluated using a 40/60 grade bitumen. Both mixes with no RAP and no rejuvenator were used as control. Mixes with 60% RAP and ReLIXER as the rejuvenator were also evaluated. The trials showed that the mixes with high-RAP and ReLIXER had properties and delivered performance comparable to the no-RAP control mixes.

In his presentation at the Irish Annual Conference, organized by the Institute of Asphalt Technology – Irish Branch in March 2023, William Wilson of Roadstone shared that the high-RAP mixes resulted in lower greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in 12 to 16% lower values for total kilogram of carbon dioxide equivalent per ton of mix.

Staudinger stated: “ReLIXER is an environmentally friendly blend of bio-based oils. It helps lower the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Also, in High-RAP Mixes, it helps reduce the need for virgin bitumen, thus lowering the overall cost of the mix”.

Deepak Madan, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at Sripath added: “Typically, depending on the raw material costs and operational parameters, savings between 5 to 15 % have been achieved by various contractors around the globe”.

Dr. Krishna Srinivasan, President of Sripath Technologies emphasized, “Sripath has generated a tremendous amount of technical data evaluating the impact of ReLIXER on the performance of asphalt mixes and roadways. High-RAP mixes dosed with ReLIXER, consistently show superior fracture toughness and demonstrate long-term aging performance. Around the world, mixes properly dosed with ReLIXER meet or exceed established specifications.”

“ReLIXER has been tested, evaluated, and vetted by leading experts in academia, industry and transportation agencies from around the world. It has been trusted and used on roadways across the globe since 2016 and is now being adopted on roadways in the United Kingdom and European Union.”, remarked Sandhu.

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