Sripath’s ReLIXER® Rejuvenates High-RAP Mix on Roadways in Virginia, USA

A binder dosed with ReLIXER®, an Asphalt Recycling Agent manufactured by Sripath Technologies®, was added to a high-RAP mix which was used to pave 5 lane-mile stretch of roadway in Ashburn, Virginia, USA.
October 17, 2022
Sripath’s ReLIXER


Sripath’s ReLIXER, a blend of green bio-based oils, was selected as the rejuvenator for a high-RAP mix demonstration project in Ashburn, Virginia.  ReLIXER softens and restores the functional properties of the aged binder in RAP, aids workability and compactability of the asphalt mix, delivers the required roadway performance and durability, and reduces the need for virgin binder.

The demonstration project was a joint effort between the Virginia Department of Transportation, Northern Virginia District (VDOT, NOVA); Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC);  Associated Asphalt Partners LLC, the binder supplier; Superior Paving Corporation, the asphalt mix producer; Commonwealth Paving Inc., the paving contractor; and Sripath Technologies LLC, the ReLIXER Rejuvenator supplier.

Prior to the on-site demonstration job, an exhaustive round of laboratory testing of the binder and the high-RAP mix was conducted by VTRC, Associated, and Superior with input from Sripath.

Sripath supplied ReLIXER to Associated ahead of the trial. Associated is a large, independent asphalt terminal, storage, and distribution company, backed by over seven decades of industry experience and a 6-million-barrel capacity. Associated blended ReLIXER with a PG 64-22 Binder at their terminal in Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA and shipped approximately 70 tons of the ReLIXER-dosed binder to Superior ahead of the planned job.

Superior, one of the largest aggregate producer and asphalt contractors in Northern Virginia, is recognized for their quality, leadership, employees and customer responsiveness.  Over a two-day period, the Superior team manufactured and shipped approximately 2,000 tons of a high-RAP mix, produced using 40% RAP, fresh aggregates, and the ReLIXER-dosed binder.

The high-RAP mix was shipped to the paving site on Riverside Parkway / Woodridge Parkway in Ashburn, Virginia and a 5 lane-mile stretch of the road was paved by Commonwealth. Local VDOT Inspectors were present on-site to monitor the job.

The high-RAP mix was easy to produce, easy to ship and transfer, and easy to pave, compact, spread and work, even in hand-work sections. The paved surface was smooth and exhibited no flaws. The parkways were opened to traffic within a few hours of paving.

“We enjoyed working with VDOT, Associated, Superior and Commonwealth on this demonstration. The project was very well planned and executed. We appreciated the opportunity to demonstrate how effectively ReLIXER restores the functional properties of the aged binder in RAP and delivers excellent roadway performance and durability”, stated Krishna Srinivasan, President at Sripath.

Deepak Madan, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at Sripath said, “ReLIXER helps reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. It reduces the need for virgin bitumen and lowers the overall cost of the mix. Since 2015, ReLIXER has been used to pave roadways in countries within North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Trials are also underway in Africa.”

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