New Trimble research lab at Purdue

A new Trimble research lab is being established at Purdue University.
Connected Construction / September 28, 2023 1 minute 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new research lab is being established at Purdue University with the help of Trimble

The famous Purdue University is launching a Trimble Technology lab that will focus on construction management technology. The pair are partnering to establish a state-of-the-art Trimble Technology Lab at Purdue that will focus on teaching and research for construction management technology.

The lab is hosted by the School of Construction Management Technology within the Purdue Polytechnic Institute and will bring Trimble’s industry-leading construction technologies into a dedicated learning environment for Purdue students to learn and innovate.

“The equipment and software provided will enhance our educational and research capabilities in construction management and technology,” said Daniel Castro-Lacouture, dean of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. “Partnering with Trimble to establish a Technology Lab signifies an exciting opportunity that empowers our students and faculty to drive industry advancements.”

The lab is expected to open in early 2024 and will be part of the institute’s evolving footprint at Dudley and Lambertus Halls. The connected buildings, which opened in April 2023, house a mix of polytechnic and engineering labs, makerspaces and classrooms with the goal of fostering an atmosphere of collaboration among students from different majors and departments.

“The Trimble Technology Lab will empower Purdue students with the skills and expertise required to become front-runners in the realm of industry technology,” said H Nicholas Dib, associate professor in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute who will help oversee the lab. “The lab will support the holistic transformation of education, where technology lies at the very heart of the curriculum.”

“Purdue has a strong reputation as a leader in applied construction education. Their construction management program offers an innovative curriculum that emphasises hands-on learning and prepares students for a variety of construction careers,” said Amy Northcutt, director of education and outreach at Trimble. “We are confident that our collaboration with Purdue to establish this Trimble Technology Lab will have a significant impact in preparing students for their careers.”

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