Accurate positioning with Topcon

Connected Construction / March 13, 2024 25 seconds Read
By Topcon
Topcon says that its new Hybrid Positioning package offers versatility for positioning and optical robotic measurements

The new Hybrid Positioning system from Topcon is said to perform faster in the field than stand-alone robotic systems and is more versatile than RTK-only solutions. The latest Hybrid Positioning technology combines GNSS positioning and optical robotic measurements on one rover pole.

The unit offers a robotic total station and a lightweight GNSS receiver in a single package and is said to allow faster field work than stand-alone robotic or GNSS solutions. The system has a hybrid lock for rapid prism acquisition in dense areas and a hybrid switch for bouncing between optical measurements and GNSS positioning, as well as a hybrid resection to start set up at a safe and convenient location.

The system is compatible with all Topcon robotic total stations and allows the user to reacquire targets even in challenging conditions. A user can can select safe, convenient locations and define the unknown point of the instrument from GNSS measurements. The firm says that for maximum efficiency, users can pair the Hybrid Positioning technology with MAGNET Field data-collection software.

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