New surveying tool from Topcon

Topcon Positioning Group is introducing its top-of-the-range GT Series robotic total stations for survey, construction, and machine control applications.
Connected Construction / January 12, 2021
Sophisticated surveying technology package from Topcon
Sophisticated surveying technology package from Topcon

The GT-1200 and GT-600 total stations are offered in multiple accuracy levels and form part of a full workflow solution, including a new field computer, an update to Topcon field and office software, as well as GNSS receivers. The system is designed to work in sync for improved performance and better data handling with built-in, field-to-office connectivity.

The new total stations perform at a faster 10Hz positioning update rate. Combining the GT Series with the new field computer and software improvements, this system is said to make layout easier, and guidance more fluid, within an intuitive map view according to Topcon. This package also allows more layout and survey points to be collected in less time.

Advanced UltraTrac prism tracking combines optical sensing with a new ultrasonic motor control algorithm designed to maintain superior prism-lock. From a software perspective, MAGNET improves field-based quality reporting and data handling for larger files, graphical processing, and 3D models.

An optional upgrade incorporating Hybrid Positioning technology helps advanced users get instant location updates via GNSS receivers so positioning data points can be captured, even with the loss of line of sight from jobsite obstructions.

The GT Series workflow solution, MAGNET software, FC-6000 field computer, and HiPer Series GNSS receivers, combines for digital processes designed to increase precision, reduce rework, and improve quality control.  

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