Trimble’s multitool site solution

Connected Construction / April 25, 2024 1 minute Read
By Mike Woof
Trimble is offering a multitool solution that meets simple surveying and machine control needs

A novel system from Trimble offers the basic capabilities for both surveying and machine control. This is a solution aimed at use on compact machines weighing no more than 15tonnes.

The firm says that the new system is designed to be used by smaller firms looking to start using machine control technology, but without wanting to invest in costly and sophisticated packages.

The multitool approach allows smaller contractors both basic surveying and machine control capabilities in a simple package that is said to be easy to use.

The tablet device that forms part of the package can be used for surveying purposes by a contractor and can then be fitted to a machine and also be used as the machine control display. The machine is also fitted with an antenna as well as sensors and a Bluetooth connection. 

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