China is improving the road network

China is improving its road transport infrastructure network.
Road Structures / August 5, 2022 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
China’s integrated road network will see major improvements by 2035 - image © courtesy of Mike Woof
A major programme of road upgrades is being carried out in China. The Chinese Government is prioritising the development of a safer, intelligent road system that will cut crashes and casualties while also delivering gains in sustainability.

The programme of works is being set out jointly by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport. The plan calls for the programme to be complete by 2035. The aim of the work is to deliver improved connections between major cities, towns and rural areas. Maintenance will be optimised to ensure road quality.

The national road network will comprise 461,000km of safe and intelligent roads by 2035. China will also have 299,000km of highways and 162,000km of expressways by 2035.