New expressway routes planned for China’s Henan Province

Major new expressway projects are being planned for China’s Henan Province.
Road Structures / April 13, 2022 17 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
New highways are planned for China – image courtesy of © Max776,
China’s Henan Province plans to build four new expressways, as well as five new high speed rail links. A massive budget is planned for the work, which is expected to cost a total of US$31.43 billion to carry out. Work will commence in mid-2022 and should be completed by 2025.

One of the expressway projects will be for the construction of a 41.66km stretch by Taihang Mountain. Another will be for a 30.4km stretch of the new expressway connecting Lankou and Yuanyang. There is also a project for a 50km stretch of the new expressway between Anyang and Xinxiang. There is also a project for a 60km expressway between Zhengzhou and Hui County.