Ecuador road and bridge plan moving ahead

Plans are moving ahead in Ecuador for a key road and bridge project.
Road Structures / March 9, 2020 55 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Plans are moving ahead for Ecuador’s planned road and bridge link connecting with the port of Guayaquil - image © courtesy of Danflcreativo, dreamstime

The planned Viaducto Sur road project in Ecuador is now gathering momentum. A proposal for the highway, which includes building a 2.8km bridge spanning the River Guayas, has been put forward by the Quinto Puente consortium.

The proposal would be to carry out the project under a design, finance, build and operate package. The construction work is estimated to require 42 months to complete, while the concession involved in the package would be for a 44-year period.

The tender process for the project has yet to be opened. Before that can be enacted, a full analysis of the project viability has to be completed.

The new road and bridge link is of key importance for the country as it will help boost connections to and from Guayaquil, Ecuador’s premier port.