Ecuador’s massive viaduct project

Ecuador’s massive viaduct project is being planned.
Finance & Funding / November 12, 2020 20 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A massive viaduct project will improve transport for Guayaquil in Ecuador – image courtesy of © Michael Muller,
Plans are now being unveiled for the massive viaduct project proposed for Ecuador. Known both as the Viaducto del Sur project and as Guayaquil's fifth bridge project, the new viaduct could cost from US$600 million to $760 million.

In all the Viaducto Sur will stretch for a total of 44km. It will feature four separate bridge sections. Building the link will improve transport to and from Guayaquil's busy port area, a key economic driver for Ecuador.

Because of the cost of the work and the scale of the project as a whole, it is likely to be split into separate tenders, although this has yet to be determined. Funding for the project has yet to be secured fully, though the city authorities in Guayaquil have stated that they will provide some $100 million of the budget required.