Further road development works for China

Further road development works are being planned for China.
Road Structures / June 15, 2023 50 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Major new road development works are planned for China - image courtesy of © Rose Joy Villote | Dreamstime.com

China’s road network continues to expand and improve, with further works being planned to add new expressways and expand capacity on existing roads. Maintenance works are also planned for key routes.

A US$4.7 billion contract for a section of the Xichang to Shangri-La Expressway will be carried out by Sichuan Road and Bridge Group. The project was awarded by Sichuan Xixiang Expressway Construction and Development Co. The work is expected to take 54 months and will boost connectivity for Sichuan Province and Yunnan Province.

A transport development programme is planned for Inner Mongolia. This will include the building of 10,000km of trunk roads as well as 4,200km of rural roads. Maintenance works are also planned. A budget of $5.09 billion has been set for the work. The programme has been planned by the transport office of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The new grid network of roads being planned will boost connectivity and help develop the local economy. This will improve connections to the east-west channel expressway, which is planned for completion in 2024.

A project worth $677 million is due to be carried out for a stretch of the highway linking Macheng and Yangxin in Hubei Province. The tender process for the project is now opening and the route will be extended by 32km.