New Chinese expressways planned

New Chinese expressways are being planned.
Road Structures / May 18, 2023 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
New expressway routes will be carried out in China – image courtesy of © Rose Joy Villote |

New expressway link projects are being planned in China.

One project will see the construction of a new expressway connecting Jiangjin with Luzhou and Yibin. The 134km expressway will cost US$2.83 billion to construct and the work has been awarded to a consortium headed by China Railway Construction Kunlun Investment Group. The route will be built with design speeds of 120km/h, featuring four lanes in either direction.

Meanwhile, upgrading work for the 70km expressway between Ningbo and Jinhua will cost an estimated $2.82 billion. A new interchange will be added to the route while 12 existing interchanges will benefit from major improvement works. A new 2km section will be added to the route.

In addition, a contract for a new expressway project in Sichuan Province will be handled by a consortium headed by Sichuan Expressway Construction & Development Group Corp. The 140.5km expressway will link Panzhihua and Yanyuan and the work will cost $5.14 billion.

YCIC Highway Construction Co is heading a consortium that will build the Yunlong-Lushui Expressway in Yunnan Province. The project will cost an estimated $2.74 billion and is a concession package. 

The tender process is underway for the 20.5km Wencheng stretch of expressway that is expected to cost $780.3 million to build. The tender is being handled by the Wenzhou Public Resources Trading Network. The stretch of road will form part of the expressway linking Wencheng and Qingtian.

Tendering is also underway for design work for the Penglai Road Project, Hefei Zipeng Mountain Road Project, Xiyou Road Project, and Mengcheng North Road Project in Hefei Province. The tender process is being managed by the Anhui Hefei Public Resources Trading Centre. The projects are worth a total of $962 million.

The contract has been awarded in Guangdong Province for a 30.6km expressway linking Huizhou Huicheng with Shengzhen Pingshan. The work will cost $1.64 billion and will take 42 months. Construction will be carried out by a consortium composed of five contractors. The route will link No.1 Road with the Longgang District in Shenzhen City.