Highway options for Russian route

Two highway options are being considered for a Russian route.
Road Structures / October 1, 2021 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Options are being considered for the new highway link between Dzhubga and Sochi in Russia – image courtesy of © Serban Bogdan, Dreamstime.com
Two alignment options are being considered for the project to build a new highway connection between Dzhubga and Sochi in Russia. The state-owned road business Avtodor is evaluating a route running through the mountains, as well as a route running along the coast of the Black Sea.

The cost of each route and the construction time required will form key portions of the evaluation process. Avtodor will provide its analysis of each route to the Russian Government, which will then review the options available.

The two cities are around 170km apart but the existing E97 route is no longer able to cope with demand. Traffic can be heavy, particularly in the summer months, resulting in delays and long journey times. Although the road was improved for the Olympic Games, the route is still in need of additional capacity.
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