New highway projects for Russia

New highway projects are planned for Russia.
Road Structures / December 2, 2021 40 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Major road works are planned for Russia - image courtesy of © Stamena Slavova,
Major road projects are being planned for Russia, with a new highway to connect Dzhubga and Sochi, as well as major interchange works for St Petersburg.

The new highway between Dzhubga and Sochi will run along the coast of the Black Sea and is expected to be complete by 2035. Approval has still to be granted for the project by the Russian Government and funding will have to be secured to pay for the work. The project was originally expected to cost over US$21 billion because of the challenging nature of the topography and geology along part of the route. Alignment options are being considered that would help lower the cost.

Meanwhile, a new interchange design is being considered for Poklonnaya Gora on the northern side of St Petersburg. Design work is being carried out at present and the aim is for the construction work to be completed in 2024. The project is expected to cost $286 million and includes the construction of a tunnel that will run underneath Engels Avenue.