Indonesia focusing on strategic toll road construction

Indonesia is focusing on developing strategic toll road construction projects.
Road Structures / November 4, 2020 40 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
New toll road projects will cut journey times and transport costs in Indonesia - image courtesy © Sansak Khajeefa,
A plan by the Indonesian Government will see the development of key toll road links. The programme is intended to reduce transport costs by cutting journey times and is seeing five toll road projects being prioritised.

The five toll roads are the Samarinda to Bontang route for East Kalimantan, the Gedebage to Cilacap route in West Java, the Maros to Takalar route in South Sulawesi, the Semarang harbour route and Patimban seaport link route. These last two will improve access to the ports. Financing for some of the projects has yet to be finalised.

However, financing is soon to be approved for the 246km Padang to Pekanburu stretch of the Trans-Sumatra toll road, which is expected to cost US$5.15 billion. This project will include a 9km tunnel section costing an estimated $420 million. The stretch between Padang and Pekanburu is being split into six separate sections.