Indonesia’s key highway project

Indonesia’s key highway project is well underway.
Road Structures / January 27, 2022 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Plans are well in hand for Indonesia’s key Trans Sumatra toll road project – image courtesy of © Butenkow,
Work on Indonesia’s key Trans-Sumatra Toll Road project is well underway at present. Plans are in hand for determining the alignment for a 177km section between Pekanbaru and Rengat.

The phase two for Indonesia's Trans-Sumatra Toll Road (JTTS) is expected to cost US$7.2 billion and alignment planning is due to be complete at the end of 2022. Development work for this 574km stretch will then commence.

The JTTS second phase section will be carried out in three separate stretches. One with measure 198km and link Jambi with Rengat, while the second will link Betung, Kampino and Jambi and measure 169km and the third between Rengat ad Pekanbaru will measure 169km.