Indonesia’s key highway project under construction

Indonesia’s key Trans-Sumatra highway project is now under construction.
Finance & Funding / April 6, 2021 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Construction work is underway on Indonesia’s important Trans-Sumatra toll road project – image courtesy of © Hyotographics,
Construction work is well underway on Indonesia’s important Trans-Sumatra toll road project. The Indonesian firm Hutama Karya is carrying out work on the route and by the end of 2020, had built 1,156km of the road. The company is working on eight sections of the road at present, totalling 568km. Work is starting on 513km of the route, with plans for work on 643km of the road being drawn up.

The company is developing the necessary financing structure to support its construction work on the additional sections of the route. A combination of funding from the Indonesian Government, bank loans and the issuing of bonds will help deliver the financing necessary.