Iran-Armenia highway project agreed

A new Iran-Armenia highway project has been agreed.
Road Structures / November 9, 2023 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new highway stretch will improve transport between Iran and Armenia – image courtesy of © Marko Bukorovic|

A new highway stretch will help to improve transport connections between Iran and Armenia. The governments of the two nations signed an agreement for the construction of a 32km highway stretch between the two countries. Building the new highway is expected to cost US$214.6 million.

The project will be complex due to the geography and topography of the area, requiring the construction of 17 bridges and two tunnel sections. In addition, the work will include building six overpasses and five interchanges.
The project is due to commence at the end of 2023 and should take 36 months to complete. The new highway stretch will reduce journey times and improve safety for drivers over the existing road connections.