Major Romanian road projects are underway

Many major Romanian road projects are currently underway.
Road Structures / January 23, 2023 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Romania’s road network will benefit from a series of projects - image courtesy © Masezdromaderi/Dreamstime

Romania’s road network is seeing major development, with a series of major projects underway.

Important new road links include work for the Bucharest-Alexandria Highway, Gaiesti-Ploiesti Express Road, Arad-Oradea Expressway project, A7 Ploiesti Pascani highway, Targu Neamt-Iasi-Ungheni Highway and the Buzau-Focsani highway.

Construction of the Arad-Oradea Expressway is expected to cost €2.17 billion. The 120km project has been approved by Romania's National Company for Road Infrastructure Management (CNAIR). The project form part of the Large Infrastructure Operational Program (POIM) 2014-2020. Construction of the route will include building 70 bridges and 12 interchanges.

Approval has been given for new road works in the Moldova, Transylvania, and Muntenia areas by CNAIR. The 77km Bucharest-Alexandria Highway includes the construction of 47 viaducts. The 81.5km long Gaiesti-Ploiesti Express Road includes the construction of nine interchanges and 46 bridges and passageways. The 93.3km Targu Neamt-Iasi-Ungheni Highway will feature nine interchanges, 55 bridges and two tunnels. 

Contractor UMB Spedition will carry out a significant portion of the €1.8 billion project to build the A7 Ploiesti Pascani highway. The firm is building 250km of the 320km route. Construction will commence in the second quarter of 2023. And be complete by 2026

Work is being carried out on 67km of the Buzau-Focsani highway. The Moldova area will benefit from work for section 2 and section 3 of the Buzau-Focsani highway. The two stretches will cost €265.7 million to build and the work includes the construction of 12 bridges.

And tendering is open for the 9.5km road connecting Busteni and Azuga. The work is expected to cost €169 million, with funding being provided by the EU. Construction is expected to take 36 months to complete.

In addition, improvements will be carried out on important streets and bridges, with a budget of €28 million having been set for repairs and maintenance works.