Massachusetts Turnpike upgrade delayed

Upgrade work on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston will now be delayed.
Road Structures / December 3, 2020 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Upgrade work for the Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston will now be delayed – image © courtesy of Jiawangkun,
Improvement works on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston will now be delayed. The massive project involves the realignment of the route. A key portion of the project involves either replacing a section of the route as it runs beside the Charles River, or constructing a new viaduct. Decisions have still to be concluded as to which option offers the best long term solution and value for money.

The existing Allston viaduct is no longer able to cope with demand and has to be replaced. But the options are for either a new viaduct or constructing the new road at ground level. Building a new viaduct along part of the route, rather than for the entire section, would make it easier to separate the planned facilities for pedestrians and cyclists from the highway, as well as allowing space for mass transit.

The work now looks likely to take at least 12 months longer to complete than originally planned. The project is costing some US$1.3 billion. However, the local authorities have stated that the cost of the various options is not a determining factor in the potential choice of design, explaining that the decision will be made on what offers the best overall transport solution.