New Paraguay-Brazil bridge being built

Construction work is now underway on a new Paraguay-Brazil bridge.
Road Structures / July 1, 2020 55 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new bridge will span the Parana River and connect Brazil and Paraguay - image © courtesy of Rosevite2000,

Construction work is being carried out for the Puente de la Integracion bridge connecting Paraguay with Brazil. The bridge spans the Parana River and connects Presidente Franco in Paraguay with Foz de Yguazu in Brazil.

The project is being carried out by a consortium; Construbase-Cidade-Paulitec. Building the bridge itself is costing around US$84 million. However, the work also includes building around 37km of connecting roads and in all this comes with a pricetag of over $180 million. Included with the link road construction will be the building of two small bridges as well as an overpass stretch.

Building the Puente de la Integracion link will also improve transport with Argentina, which lies to the immediate south of Presidente Franco and Foz de Yguazu. The bridge will be around 174m high when complete.

Meanwhile, the Costanera Sur project in Paraguay’s Asuncion has been paused for the moment. The project is being handled by the Consorcio del Sur consortium while the financing for the project is finalised. Consorcio del Sur comprises Eurofina and Topografia y Caminos SA (TyC).

Financing for a further $130 million is needed to help pay for the project. There have been delays over the land needed for the route. Extra funding will be required to pay for the construction of replacement homes for those residents who will have to move as the alignment means their current dwellings have to be demolished.

There are concerns that the alignment was selected without full consideration of the demolition work required. But a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) will help to pay for the new homes needed.