Paraguay-Brazil bridge being built

Progress is being seen on the Paraguay-Brazil bridge now being built.
Road Structures / August 21, 2020 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Construction work is well underway on a new bridge connecting Paraguay and Brazil and spanning the Paraguay River – image courtesy of © Mycolors,

Good progress is being seen on the construction project for the Puente de la Integracion bridge, which will connect Paraguay and Brazil. The bridge spans the Paraguay River, linking Presidente Franco in Paraguay with Foz de Yguazu in Brazil.

When complete, the bridge will measure 760m in length. The construction work is being handled by a consortium, Construbase-Cidade-Paulitec. Meanwhile, the necessary financing has been secured by the Brazilian clean energy firm Itaipú Binacional.

As well as connecting Paraguay and Brazil, the bridge will help with transport to Argentina as its border also lies close at hand. The bridge is intended to carry heavy goods vehicles and will provide an important boost to trade and transport in the area.