New port links are planned for Italy

New port links are now being planned for Italy.
Road Structures / July 13, 2023 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
New links will be built to two of Italy’s important ports – image courtesy of – image courtesy of - © Norman Chan |

New routes are being planned that will improve transport to and from key ports in Italy. A new road is planned for the port of Ancona while a tunnel connection is planned for the port of Genoa.

The tender process is opening for the planned 2.5km road connection between the port of Ancona and the SS16 Adriatica route. The work will include building a viaduct section as well as two tunnel stretches. A budget of €148 million has been set for both the design and construction work, which also includes changing the alignment of an existing rail connection, adding facilities for cyclists and lengthening the dock.

Meanwhile, a 3.4km tunnel is planned in the port of Genoa that will run underneath the harbour. The work is expected to cost €900 million and will include building link roads totalling 800m at either end of the tunnel. When the link was first proposed it was expected to cost €700 million but it has been subject to an increases in the cost of materials. The route will be tolled and is due to open in 2029.