A new road project for Mexico City

A major new road project is being proposed for Mexico City.
Road Structures / September 4, 2020 15 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A major new road project is planned for Mexico City to help deal with the city’s chronic traffic congestion - image © courtesy of Mike Woof

A major new road project is being proposed for Mexico City in a bid to help reduce the heavy peak time congestion. Building a 4.8km road and connecting links on the west of Mexico City could come with a pricetag of some US$1.06 billion.

Building this link is expected to take around five years to carry out. The project will include tunnel sections, stretches of elevated viaduct and link roads. The work is needed however given Mexico City’s chronic traffic congestion, which often results in lengthy delays for drivers at peak periods. Although accurate figures are hard to obtain due to the number of people living in unofficial developments around the city, it is recognised that Mexico City has surpassed Seoul in South Korea to become the world’s second largest city by population, after Tokyo in Japan.