New Zealand road plans agreed

New Zealand has set out plans for road and cycleway development.
Road Structures / May 25, 2022 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
New Zealand is improving its transport systems, cutting congestion and boosting its sustainable transport options - image courtesy of © Wollertz,
New Zealand is setting a budget of US$1.92 billion (NZ$3 billion) to be spent on road development works by 2030. A further $3.6 billion (NZ$5.6 billion) is being budgeted for public transport improvements, while $1.6 billion (NZ$2.5 billion) is being targeted for general infrastructure works. The aim of the works is to upgrade transport links and reduce journey times across the country, while also reducing the reliance on personal motor transport.

Meanwhile, the authorities in New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, are planning a series of cycle lane improvements in a bid to tempt commuters away from their cars and reduce the current chronic congestion levels. A budget of $196 million (NZ$306 million) is being set for the programme, which forms part of the 10-year Regional Land Transport Plan of Auckland. However, a much wider expansion of the city cycleways is being proposed, which would see $1.1 billion (NZ$1.7 billion) being spent on construction 260km of new cycle lanes across the city by 2030.