New Zealand transport infrastructure works

New Zealand is to benefit from transport infrastructure works.
Highway & Network Management / August 29, 2022 40 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
New transport plans will benefit New Zealand - image courtesy of © Norman Chan,

New transport infrastructure works in New Zealand will help boost journeys and active travel in particular. 

A new plan proposed for New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, is aimed at reducing the city’s traffic congestion problem. A budget of $129.1 million (NZ$200 million) would be spent improving traffic flow. More impressive still would be the $1.29 billion (NZ$2 billion) budget aimed at improving sustainable transport in the city, with a plan to install EV charging technology in homes as well as expanding the city’s cycling facilities and introducing zero emissions buses by 2030.

The aim of the project is to cut private car use by as much as 50%, boosting the use of public transport, as well as increasing the use of cycle commuting from its present low of 1% to around 13%.

Meanwhile, the finance package has yet to be secure for a new bridge in the town of Ashburton, which is expected to cost US$73.3 million (NZ$113.6million). The project will deliver the town’s second bridge, which will provide improved transport to and from the town, which is located in New Zealand’s South Island. Detailed design for the bridge has still to be carried out but should be completed by 2025. Construction could start in 2026 once the design work is finished and the necessary financing has been secured.