Tallinn ring road for Estonia

Tallinn’s ring road is being evaluated in Estonia.
Road Structures / March 26, 2021 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new bypass is proposed for Estonia’s capital, Tallinn – image courtesy of © Sjankauskas, Dreamstime.com

The proposal to build a ring road around Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, is being evaluated. An environmental study has been carried out into the proposed project. The alignment suggested would connect Smuuli tee on the east side of the city with Peetri in the north west. The project would also include a 1km tunnel section running underneath the city’s international airport. Building the tunnel is expected to cost €100 million. The construction of the bypass is intended to reduce congestion in the centre of the city and also reduce the traffic volumes on the existing Taru Highway. The project is being planned by the Estonian Transport Administration and a preliminary report into the proposal should be complete by early 2022.