Tender for US$250-$280 million Paraguay road

US$250-$280m Uruguay bi-oceanic road connection tender set to open in Paraguay
Road Structures / March 13, 2024 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Paraguay’s border towns will benefit from a new road crossing the country – image courtesy of © Rafael Henrique|Dreamstime.com

The tender for a US$250-$280 million million bi-oceanic road connection in Paraguay is being planned. The tender should be ready to open in 2025.

The road will connect Gral and Pedro Juan Caballero, with the 240km section providing an improved route between Uruguay’s borders with neighbouring Argentina and Bolivia. Much of the funding will come from the Latin American Development Bank (CAF). The road project is of major economic performance for landlocked Paraguay as the route will boost transport and trade between the country and its neighbours.