Texas-Mexico international bridge upgrade

A Texas-Mexico international bridge link will be upgraded.
Road Structures / August 24, 2022 50 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
The Anzalduas International bridge is one of several spanning the Rio Grande River that makes up the border between the US and Mexico – image courtesy of © Valentin M Armianu | Dreamstime.com

Improvement works are planned for the Anzalduas International Bridge that connects Mission in Texas with Reynosa in Mexico. A budget of US$81 million has been set for the work, which will be handled by Wilson Construction.

At present the bridge has two traffic lanes in either direction, but the plan is to improve the link so that it has three lanes in either direction. The improvement works will allow the bridge to be used for commercial truck transport.

The bridge carries passenger cars and empty trucks currently. But the widening of the bridge, along with the development of a new customs area incorporating new technology for processing, will allow the bridge to handle heavy trucks carrying goods both north and south, into the US or Mexico respectively.

The upgrade work should be complete in the first quarter of 2024.