Veidekke’s €180 million Norway tunnel job

Veidekke has won a €180 million tunnel project in Norway.
Road Structures / July 3, 2024 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Veidekke will handle tunnel refurbishment work in Norway’s capital, Oslo – image courtesy of © Harsh Barala|

Contractor Veidekke will handle a project worth around €180 million for two tunnel upgrades for Ring 1 around Norway’s capital, Oslo. The firm will handle design and construction work in the upgrades for the Hammersborg and Vaterland tunnels.

“This is a project that suits Veidekke very well with extensive groundwork and challenging construction work. We have conducted a successful interaction phase together with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration of almost a year, which gives us a very good basis for the project implementation. We are grateful for their trust and look forward to getting started on the construction work,” says Øivind Larsen, executive vice president at Veidekke Infrastructure.

The firm says that the 370m Vaterland Tunnel will be upgraded while the 380m Hammersborg Tunnel will be rebuilt, extended and reinforced. The latter has to be lowered in the ground as a result of security requirements for new government buildings. Both tunnels date from 1989, and extensive maintenance is needed, with repair of concrete structures and the roadway. General infrastructure such as lighting, cables, pipes, wires and signage must be replaced in both tunnels.

This is an important milestone in the project. The project has completed an interaction phase with Veidekke over the past 10 months in which the basis for the actual project implementation has been laid. After a good planning process, we will now reach the actual implementation of the construction works. We continue the good cooperation,” said road director Ingrid Dahl Hovland.

Construction work is due to start shortly, with completion scheduled for the summer of 2027. 

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