Safer roads for highway workers

ASECAP is promoting safer roads for highway workers.
Highway & Network Management / June 20, 2024 53.6 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
ASECAP is promoting better safety for highway personnel

ASECAP, the European Association of toll Motorway and road infrastructures is launching its second European day awareness campaign on June 20th 2024 to draw attention on people working for the safety and comfort of drivers on motorways.

The main aims of the operation have been to ensure the safety of patrol officers through prevention and to strengthen the link between them and drivers. This year’s event will be an opportunity to share experiences and meet new people.

The objective of the operation is to encourage drivers to get actively involved, to enable them to become players in their own right, and to raise their profile with motorway patrols in the long term. This should create a friendly atmosphere, facilitating exchanges between HGV drivers and patrol officers over shared moments.

Forming duos, bringing together two different worlds... these are the challenges of this awareness-raising operation. By stepping into each other’s shoes, motorists and patrol officers will gain first-hand experience, focused on empathy and caring. Through discovery workshops, participants will become better acquainted and gain insight into their daily lives on the road. The initiative is designed to create a friendly atmosphere, facilitating exchanges between motorists and patrol officers.


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