Tender on again for Baldana-Targoviste-Sinaia

The project in Romania will enlarge to four lanes the Baldana-Targovite section.
Highway & Network Management / January 18, 2022 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
The Baldana-Targoviste-Sinaia road project will be resumed (image © LCVA/Dreamstime)

Sorin Grindeanu, Romania’s minister of transport, has announced that the tender for work on the DN 71 Baldana-Targoviste-Sinaia road project will be resumed.

The project involves the upgrade and enlargement to four lanes of the Baldana-Targoviste section. Tenders will be accepted until March 21 with evaluation to be completed by June 21. An announcement is expected in August, he said.

The 44.2km Baldana-Targoviste section will likely cost around €222.45 million (US$257 million) in financing, while the 57.4km Targoviste-Sinaia section will need a further another $300 million.

Meanwhile, around half of the Craiova-Pitesti Expressway will be finished in the middle of this year.

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