Romanian road deals

Important Romanian road deals are planned.
Finance & Funding / August 2, 2022 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Road works are underway in Romania - image courtesy of © Bigandt,

Two major road works are planned in Romania. One contract is for the upgrade of the DN71 route linking Baldana, Targoviste and Sinaia while the other is for construction of a 28km section of the A7.

The contract for the 59km DN71 route is worth €239 million and the tender process is being handled by Romania's road company, CNAIR. The package involves upgrading the route and will be a for a 108-month period. Funding will be provided by the EU and bids have to be received in early September 2022.

Meanwhile, work is underway for the A7 with the first section due for completion shortly. The project is being handled by CONI - Trace Group. The project is costing €251 million and a challenging portion of the work is the construction of 20 bridges.