Advances in wheeled loaders coming to market

Manufacturers are introducing new wheeled loaders that offer performance advantages over earlier generation machines
Earthmoving & Earth Compaction / February 14, 2022
The new DL200-7 is the latest in the new wheeled loader range from Doosan
The new DL200-7 is the latest in the new wheeled loader range from Doosan

New wheeled loaders are coming to market from major manufacturers that offer significant gains in performance and capabilities.

Caterpillar is introducing new versions of its 980 and 982 series wheeled loaders for markets such as Africa, Australia, China, Eurasia, India, Middle East, New Zealand, South America, South East Asia and Turkey.

The firm claims that the machines offer premium performance, increased productivity and lower maintenance costs for the 9-11tonne class. According to Caterpillar, these medium wheeled loaders are up to 10% more productive while offering 10% lower maintenance costs than the previous 980M, 980L and 982M models. Improved technology is said to help boost machine performance and operating efficiency.

The machines are equipped with the Cat Payload with Assist package that is said to allow accurate weighing of bucket payloads and includes low-lift-weigh and manual tip-off functions. The optional Cat Advanced Payload system offers additional capabilities with Lists-Management, Multitask- & Manual-Add Modes and Tip-off assist. The system is compatible with third party software.

Improved performance is claimed for Caterpillar’s new 980 and 982 models
Improved performance is claimed for Caterpillar’s new 980 and 982 models

The machines have the new Cat Autodig system to optimise loading and minimise tyre slippage. The firm says that this can automate the complete bucket loading cycle to deliver high bucket fill factors and boost productivity by up to 10%.

The machines have new dashboards and high-resolution touchscreen displays, as well as a seat-mounted electrohydraulic joystick steering system, although a conventional steering wheel is also available on the 980. The new loaders feature a push-to-start system that requires a valid operator ID to start the engine. The cab design is said to be roomy while visibility is good due to the large windows and mirrors. Cat Detect radar to alert operators to hazards and a Multi-view vision system are available as options to further boost safety.

Maintenance intervals are extended for the hydraulic system, while remote service technology can save service trips to the jobsite. Remote Troubleshoot connects the machine to the dealer’s service department to diagnose fault codes without on-machine cable connection. Remote Flash ensures the wheeled loaders are operating with the most up-to-date software. Helping to manage fleet loader location, hours and maintenance schedules, the Cat Remote Services Web Portal connects fleet managers to the machine and allows dealer service requests to be made from a mobile device.

The new Cat 980 can be equipped with the optional Fusion Quick Coupler, allowing bucket changes without leaving the cab.

The 980 model weighs in at 30.3tonnes and is powered by a Cat C13 diesel delivering 292kW, while it is offered with buckets from 4-14.5m3 to suit an array of applications. The 982 model weighs in at 35.5tonnes and is powered by a Cat C13 diesel delivering 301kW, while it is offered with buckets from 4.8-17.2m3.

From Doosan comes the latest and smallest of its DL-7 wheeled loader range: the new DL200-7. As with the larger models, the

DL200-7 features a new Stage V compliant engine that is said to deliver higher productivity, increased fuel efficiency and lower running costs.

Power for this 12tonne machine is provided by the Perkins 1204J 4-cylinder Stage V engine with an output of 106kW at 2,200rpm. High-pressure fuel injection and precise timing provide highly efficient fuel burn and perfect combustion. The aftertreatment system is composed of a selective catalytic reduction module, an oxidation catalyst and a long-life particulate filter.

The Doosan Smart Guidance System (DSGS) is able to analyse the driving habits and behaviour of the operator and helps to achieve more fuel-efficient working.

The new cab offers an improved field of vision for the operator, with the option of electrically adjustable rear-view mirrors. Full LED working lights are installed on the cab. The new Doosan Smart Key system allows the operator to start the machine using a keyless device, helping to prevent theft. The new joystick is integrated into the armrest as standard and features available include Automatic Return-to-Dig, Bucket Tilt Kick-out and the Bucket crowd stop position and shock prevention. Included in the information on the touchscreen is the feed from the rear-view camera and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning controls.

The DL200-7 wheeled loader has improved hydraulics and auxiliary hydraulic connections and is equipped as standard with a third spool valve with settable flow and detent function, providing a constant flow for hydraulic attachments. Various tyre options are available to cover a wide range of conditions and applications. In addition, the new DL200-7 wheeled loader can be ordered with an optional 300kg counterweight.

The standard bucket capacity on the DL200-7 is 2m3. The DL200-7 is also available as an HL version, featuring a high lift arm and the 300kg counterweight.

The load isolation system (LIS) provides a smoother ride and higher comfort for the operator, as well as higher productivity. The lift arm is cushioned by a hydro-pneumatic accumulator linked to the lift hydraulic system. This reduces stress on the machine as well as bucket spillage.

Increased versatility is claimed for the Liebherr wheeled loaders now that the quick coupler system is available across the range
Increased versatility is claimed for the Liebherr wheeled loaders now that the quick coupler system is available across the range

The DL200-7 wheeled loader is equipped with an updated hydrostatic transmission (HST) and new stronger torque proportional differential (TPD) axles as standard. The HST boosts acceleration and provides four range steps to limit final speed, five different traction modes and engine revs settings in combination with seven speed limits in first gear to optimise tool applications. The automatic TPD front and rear axles boost traction and reduce tyre wear, assisted by optional limited slip differentials.

The new DL200-7 is offered with a three-year/5,000 hour warranty and is factory-installed with the latest DoosanCONNECT wireless fleet monitoring system. The DoosanCONNECT system offers a web-based fleet and asset management solution for managing performance and security and promoting preventative maintenance.  

Meanwhile, Liebherr is now offering its LIKUFIX quick-change system for more of its wheeled loaders. The system allows hydraulic equipment to be changed safely from the cab and was previously available just for the firm’s medium-sized wheeled loader series. However, the system is now offered for four small wheeled loaders and several of the XPower wheeled loaders

The LIKUFIX system is now available for the two compact loaders L 506 and L 508, for the two stereo loaders L 507 and L 509 as well as for the XPower large wheeled loaders up to the L 580. As before, LIKUFIX is still available for the medium-sized Liebherr wheeled loaders L 526, L 538 and L 546.

The firm says that hydraulic lines are connected automatically and reliably with LIKUFIX, which means no time is lost during working. The system is designed to cope with tough applications and the hydraulic coupling is supported by springs ensuring that forces acting on the unit are not transferred to the coupling system. Even after long periods of use, the connections between the hydraulic circuits are said to remain tight. To make maintenance easier, all moving parts are easily accessible and tasks such as changing seals are said to be easy. 

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