New excavators and wheeled loaders for earthmoving market

Manufacturers are continuing to develop new excavators and wheeled loaders offering increased performance - Mike Woof writes. New developments are being seen in both the wheeled loader and excavator markets. Caterpillar, Daewoo, Hitachi, Hyundai, Komatsu, Kobelco and Volvo CE all have new wheeled loader or excavator models now available. The segment for wheeled loaders has seen particular innovation from Caterpillar, with different machines being introduced for tightly regulated and lesser regulated mark
Earthmoving & Earth Compaction / October 28, 2016
Caterpillar’s L-Series loaders
Caterpillar’s L-Series loaders offer increased performance over the L Series models being replaced
Manufacturers are continuing to develop new excavators and wheeled loaders offering increased performance - Mike Woof writes

New developments are being seen in both the wheeled loader and excavator markets. 178 Caterpillar, 3086 Daewoo, 233 Hitachi, 236 Hyundai, 2300 Komatsu, 2200 Kobelco and 359 Volvo CE all have new wheeled loader or excavator models now available.

The segment for wheeled loaders has seen particular innovation from Caterpillar, with different machines being introduced for tightly regulated and lesser regulated markets. The company is offering its new L Series medium wheeled loaders in the shape of the 950L, 962L, 966L and 972L for sale in markets such as South America and South Africa. It also has the M Series medium wheeled loader product line, the 950M, 962M, 966M, 972M, 966M XE, 972M XE, 980M and 982M, for sale in Europe and the US.

The new L-Series loaders are said to offer high reliability, durability and uptime, due to heavy duty components. The 950L and 962L are powered by 195kW Cat C7.1 engines and using proven electronics and fuel-injection. These offer power increases of 22% in the 950L and 8% in the 962L compared to the earlier H series.

Meanwhile the Cat C9.3 engine offers power gains of 10% in the 966L and 5% in the 972L, with optional aggregate handler configurations available that increase payloads for rehandling, allow pass matching to truck payloads and boost load and carry efficiency.

The machines are designed for high fuel efficiency and upgraded transmissions allow faster acceleration on ramps and smoother shifts, with integrated braking for smoother downshifts and increased control of deceleration. Load-sensing hydraulic systems have proportional flow while the machines deliver faster cycle times in load-and-carry and ramp operations and higher rimpull when digging.

Various technology packages are available and the Product Link system can help manage utilisation and running costs using the online VisionLink interface. The optional Cat Production Measurement system weighs materials being loaded and hauled to improve productivity, reduce overloading, and track material movement.
The new M Series models meanwhile benefit from sophisticated Cat Connect Technologies, as well as upgraded safety features and lower operating costs. The new Product Link Elite system is offered as standard, giving fast cellular and satellite connections. The machines are also ready to accept the Cat Production Measurement system. Version 1.2 of the system now indicates when the linkage is in the weighing range, allowing operators to confirm that an accurate scaled weight is being determined. An object detection system is also integrated into the display.

The Variable Ground-Speed Limiter is now available for all M Series medium wheeled loaders. The XE models, 966M XE and 972M XE, feature a new Economy Mode that provides up to 4% improved fuel economy during general machine operation and up to 8% improved fuel economy in truck-loading. This economy gain is in addition to the reduction in fuel consumption of up to 25%.

Also new for the wheeled loader market is 695 Doosan 1130 Bobcat’s high performance DL220-5. This is the latest addition to the company’s DL-5 generation of Stage IV compliant machines. The machine is said to be compact, manoeuvrable and versatile, with high productivity and fuel economy.

Key features include a new high comfort cab, a powershift transmission with optimised hydraulic pumps, multiple power modes, Z-bar lift arm, return to dig and limited slip differentials on both the front and rear axles as standard.
Power for the DL220-5 wheeled loader comes from a proven turbocharged Doosan DL06P water-cooled diesel, which meets Stage IV emission regulations without the need for a DPF and uses cooled EGR and SCR after-treatment. The DL06P engine provides a power output of 119kW at 2100rpm.

The DL220-5 has a standard Z-bar lift-arm linkage although it is also available with a high-lift Z-bar configuration, extending the dump height 457mm above the standard model.  

The fully automatic transmission has three selectable modes, while the machine limited-slip differentials as standard. Operators on the DL220-5 wheeled loader can choose between three work modes that adjust the loader’s performance to the application: economy; normal; eco.

The DL220-5 is factory-installed with the sophisticated CoreTMS wireless fleet monitoring system, which is now incorporated in all new DL-5 generation machines. The CoreTMS system offers web-based fleet and asset management for managing machine maintenance, performance and security.

Volvo CE is offering an innovative display in its latest L110-L250 model wheeled loaders. The Volvo Co-Pilot uses a tablet computer to deliver intelligent machine services. The Load Assist function delivers real time accurate load information to the operator and prevents underloading and overloading. The system logs all load information and data is displayed on the operator’s in-cab display. The information can also be accessed remotely, through the firm’s CareTrack telematics system, allowing payload management. It gives access to data such as total transported load in tonnes; tonnes transported/litre of fuel and number of cycles.
For the excavator market meanwhile Hitachi’s new ZX530LCH-6 is designed and engineered to meet the demands of large-scale construction projects, offering high durability and efficiency. The machine is said to have added protection for key components, as well as high reliability and availability. The boom has been reinforced with thicker plates, and the undercarriage consists of robust components including the track link, master pin, idler pedestal and bracket, and upper roller bracket.

The excavator has a weather resistant in-cab console, a high-quality sealant for the upper structure around the cooling package. The machine benefits from the firm’s sophisticated HIOS IIIB technology, with two pumps and control valves to reduce fuel consumption and cut costs. The firm says that the ZX530LCH-6 can save up to 5% fuel in ECO mode, while offering the same productivity as the previous model. The after-treatment system is said to lower emissions and working noise and incorporates a DOC, SCR system.

Attachments for carrying out different tasks can be fitted using the attachment replacement support system. An electronically controlled pressure adjustment feature also protects the attachments during installation.

Hyundai is introducing its new HX430 L crawler excavator, which weighs in at 44tonnes. Power comes from a Cummins QSL9 diesel rated at 236kW, and which meets the Tier 4 Final emissions legislation. The machine is equipped with a 1.93m bucket and has an overall width of 3.34m, when fitted with 600mm track shoes.  

The firm says that the new HX range provides higher productivity on-site by faster operation. It can load trucks up to 19% faster and levels up to 8% faster than the 9A-series. In order to achieve efficient grading, the HX series can apply an optional boom floating control using arm-in and arm-out operation only, allowing stable operation in high-load work.

Powering the HX430 L is a 196 Cummins QSL9 diesel which complies with the Stage IV emission regulations and is rated at 236kW. The firm says the machine offers good access to the DEF/AdBlue supply system, which forms part of its emissions control package. The DEF/AdBlue tank is inside the tool box and its inlet is remotely located, while its supply module is attached to the side of the fuel tank for maintenance and filter replacement.
The new HX excavators have a function that turns the engine off when idling for a set period, further cutting fuel consumption. Meanwhile the intelligent power control (IPC) governs engine output depending on demand. New safety features include Hyundai’s novel all-round vision system for a 360° operating view. It includes moving-object detection for further safety.

One of the most noteworthy developments from Komatsu is the extension of its HB hybrid excavator line-up with the addition of the 36tonne class HB365LC. This features similar electric slewing technology as the existing 21tonne class HB215, retaining the proven capacitor electrical storage system. Power comes from a Tier 4 Final compliant diesel delivering 202kW, while fuel savings of up to 30% are claimed when the machine is used for truck loading duties.

And from Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe (KCME) comes its Generation 10 SK300LC excavator, which is said to feature low emissions and increased working performance. Power for the SK300LC-10 comes from a 7228 Hino diesel rated at 186kW, the same unit powering the firm’s 35tonne class excavator. The machine offers a bucket digging force of 209kN as well as high drawbar pull and swing torque figures. At the same time the machine is said to be fuel efficient due to its Eco-mode/S-mode and H-mode. The SK300LC-10 features DOC, SCR and DPF systems to reduce emissions and meet the Tier 4 final/Stage IV emissions requirements.

Durability is said to be an important design feature and the new SK300LC-10 incorporates revised structural sections, reinforcement points and pin bosses for its boom and arm. The machine also benefits from improved hydraulic and fuel filtration systems.

Ease of transportation was a key factor during the design process of the SK300LC-10. The new machine has components used in the firm’s larger 35tonne class excavator such as the cabin and upper frame. However its lower carriage has been designed for the 30tonne category to ensure ease of transport. Depending on configuration, the operating weight of SK300LC-10 weighs from 31.4-32.2tonnes.

Serviceability and operator comfort have also been upgraded for the SK300LC-10. The machine has easy access to the engine compartment for daily checks and scheduled servicing needs, as well as good operator visibility from the large cab to the right side.
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