Efficient tunnelling

Liebherr's new tunnelling machine offers high production capacity and safety.
Earthmoving & soil compaction / May 13, 2024 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Versatility and durability are key features of Liebherr’s new tunnel excavator
Versatility and durability are key features of Liebherr’s new tunnel excavator

Liebherr says that its new R 930 Tunnel is specially designed for use in underground construction sites. The ruggedised machine offers versatility for the challenges and harsh working conditions of tunnelling and underground quarrying applications.

Developed at Liebherr-France SAS in Colmar (France), the R 930 Tunnel replaces the R 924 Compact Tunnel and allows high-level performance in all types of underground applications.

The R 930 Tunnel has been designed to meet the demands of underground construction sites with tight spaces and difficult access. The R 930 Tunnel’s attachment, available in two lengths, features a bearing that can swivel to 2x45° angles, allowing the excavation profile to be followed. The machine has a short slewing radius and powerful, protected LED headlights that reduce the risks of collision with construction site personnel and walls. In addition, the cylinders and hoses are specially positioned for maximum protection from potential impacts, limiting the risk of damage. The R 930 Tunnel has steel bodywork, making it a robust machine, ideal for underground applications. The new R 930 Tunnel crawler excavator can be equipped with the Liebherr quick coupling system, which allows tools to be changed quickly and easily.

A Liebherr two- or three-tooth ripper bucket ensures high productivity on underground construction sites. The R 930 Tunnel can also be equipped with a cutter or hammer to cover a broad area of applications. The R 930 Tunnel’s grading blade allows the creation of a flat ground surface and stabilises the machine on uneven ground. It also protects the undercarriage and crawler drives against impacts from rubble.

The whole ROPS-, FOPS- and FGPS-certified operator cab, along with its rear and side monitoring cameras, ensures construction site safety. It also has protection for its electronic components. Claimed to be comfortable and ergonomic, the cab is equipped to withstand dusty environments on underground sites. It comes with an easy-to-clean seat with headrest.

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