Volvo DD105 compactors for emerging markets

Features on the DD105 and DD105 OSC include Eco Mode to cut fuel consumption by 30 per cent.
Earthmoving & Earth Compaction / January 7, 2021 2 minutes Read
By David Arminas
Volvo says that the 86.3kW engine in the DD105 and DD105 OSC compactors make the machines particularly fuel efficient

Volvo Construction Equipment’s 10-tonne asphalt compactors is now equipped with a Tier 3/Stage IIIA engine for the emerging markets.

Volvo says that the 86.3kW engine in the DD105 and DD105 OSC asphalt compactors make the machines particularly fuel efficient. An automatically adjusted power output means the machine delivers only enough power for the job at hand.

Other smart features include Eco Mode which cuts fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent without affecting performance. An auto-idle function reduces engine speed when the roller is stopped.

Inside the cab, ergonomically positioned controls and joystick guarantee effortless maneuverability, while the efficient climate system helps keep the operator comfortable. The rear-mounted engine combined with a curved front glass panel and padded floor contributes to low levels of noise and vibrations within the cab.

Safety and ease of operation are enhanced by the expansive front windscreen which maximises the view down to the drum and spray bars. The structural pillar supporting the roof is at the rear of the cab, meaning the three front glass panels provide an entirely unobstructed view.

When working close to obstacles, the fully adjustable operator station can rotate and slide to the side of the cab to allow a view down the edge of the asphalt – increasing safety and rolling precision.

The 10-tonne compactors come fitted with a 1,680mm wide drum whose design halves the power needed to start the vibration system with no compromise on productivity. This reduces the operator’s exposure to machine vibration while ensuring a smoother finished mat.

Volvo oscillation technology – which eliminates vertical vibrations – in the DD105 OSC offers high compaction performance while producing a non-damaging oscillation movement. This transfers less stress to the surrounding surface, enabling compaction in more delicate application areas, such as bridges, over pipes and close to residential areas.

Additionally, when compacting against a cold joint, the risk of damaging the cold surface is reduced and the material can be more effectively compressed to seal and protect the surface. The oscillatory movement of the drum can also improve surface smoothness by re-aligning the material. To account for the increased wear on the drum surface, the Volvo DD105 OSC roller has a hardened abrasion-resistant alloy steel drum shell which increases longevity.

Also helping operators to achieve a high mat quality in less time is the Compact Assist function powered by the Volvo Co-Pilot display. Compact Assist provides access to a set of work-enhancing apps, including pass mapping and temperature mapping for a real-time insight into the work being undertaken. With easy access to clear and detailed data, the operator can eliminate any damaging over-compaction and ensure complete coverage of the working area.

Both the Volvo DD105 and DD105 OSC feature an automatic water spraying system with triple filtration that provides uniform coverage and variable flow, as well as helping prevent material pick-up. The two water pumps alternate during normal operation. In the rare event of a pump malfunctioning, a constant flow of water to the drum surface is automatically retained.

The large 740-liter water tank means longer time between refills and less downtime. The tank’s low positioning affords the machine a low centre of gravity for excellent stability and can be quickly and easily refilled at ground level.

The double drum compactors are designed for simple servicing and maintenance. The swing-up hood provides complete access to the engine and hydraulic components for efficient service inspections. Using a single key, technicians can access exterior service hatches, while fuses and relays are safely stored in the cab. With ground-level access to the engine, radiator, battery, and filters, daily checkpoints are unobstructed.

When it’s time to leave the jobsite and load the machine onto a transportation truck, operators can rely on the Anti-Slip Control to avoid damaging the pavement.




Operating weight (with ROPS)




Drum or rolling width



Rated engine power



Vibration frequency


40 / 55




0.86 / 0.45




112 / 99


Volvo D3.8E,
Stage IIIA / Tier 3

Overall length



Overall width



Overall height




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