Special tools for concrete construction from Curb Roller and Minnich

Minnich Manufacturing has introduced its latest A-4SCW on-slab self-propelled wireless dowel pin drill. The firm claims that this unit features the first I-QAN remote communication system for dowel drills, as well as benefiting from other upgrades.
Concrete milling, paving & compaction / August 10, 2020 3 mins Read
Minnich now offers an improved slab self-propelled wireless dowel pin drill
Minnich now offers an improved slab self-propelled wireless dowel pin drill

The I-QAN system offers A-4SCW operators maximum drilling efficiency and uptime through drill monitoring, diagnostics and remote access to Minnich Manufacturing field support using an iPad tablet, iPhone or Android device. The I-QAN system runs on 24V power for convenient compatibility with most large air compressors.

The new self-propelled wireless dowel pin drill features a remote control
The new self-propelled wireless dowel pin drill features a remote control

The A-4SCW features several updates for safety and productivity. An all-new remote control includes a joystick that controls speed, steering, direction of travel and a dust collection on/off switch. The remote comes with two batteries and will communicate to the operator if connection with the drill is lost. A new magnetic feed sensor prevents the drill from travelling if the slider is not retracted due to the drill steel becoming stuck in the concrete.

The unit has a service weight of 1.48tonnes and a maximum hole depth of 457mm. The A-4SCW features drills that automatically retract and shut off when the hole depth has been reached. The automatic shut-off feature helps minimise dry firing, helping to reduce maintenance and boost drill lifespan.

Curb Roller Manufacturing is introducing the Eel Screed 6100, a corded roller screed designed for operator comfort and easy transportation. The Eel Screed is said to be productive as it features a direct drive system, eliminating pulleys and linkage belts and making it easier to maintain.

A variable speed control, ergonomically integrated into the handle, allows working speeds between 0-300rpm and allowing easy adjustment for different slump conditions or delivery rates. A single button directional change allows for directional adjustments in confined areas or complex pours.

The electric-powered Eel Screed requires a 120V, 60Hz outlet or generator. Internal cord storage provides for easy machine transport and protects the cord from damage.  

With a lightweight design and a folding handle, the Eel Screed is easy to transport. The one-pin connection on the stainless steel shaft and screed ends allows for fast setup.

An efficient hand-screeding system is now offered
An efficient hand-screeding system is now offered

Once onsite, operators insert the screed ends into SCH40 aluminum pipe and plug the system into a power source. An electric screeding tool eliminates potential injuries that might come from a hands-and-knees board screeding method.  

The Eel Screed design includes a heavy-duty kickstand to avoid setting the unit in wet concrete or dust. The Eel Screed’s all-steel housing protects the motor and electrical components inside from moisture, concrete and accidental impact, increasing the life of the machine.

Designed for kerb compaction, the Curb Roller CM4000 from Curb Roller Manufacturing is a single-operator machine for shaping concrete. The company claims that the unit allows crews to double productivity compared with manual methods or face forming.

The Curb Roller CM4000 is designed for kerb and gutter projects ranging from 15-1,500m, and can be used on jobs of all types and sizes, including patch and repair jobs. The system offers an efficient method for tackling small v-gutter projects. Customers can choose from more than 25 predesigned drum profiles or fit the unit with a custom drum made to their project’s specifications.

According to Curb Roller Manufacturing, the patented system can cut labour on kerb and gutter projects by up to 75% and pay for itself in just 36 months.

Because the drums can be changed easily, contractors can offer multiple kerb styles after investing in the base machine.

The machine is said to be easy to use, featuring a patented guide ring that runs on the inside of forms, ensuring a uniform kerb.

The handle has a variable speed and directional control, which allows spin speed to be adjusted on the fly to accommodate the changing material conditions and cope with changes in moisture and slump levels between truckloads. Dry concrete with a low slump requires the drum to run more quickly. The pivoting handle provides an offset control to suit operator height. The operator can stand outside of the framework and walk parallel to the form with the handlebars remaining parallel to the drum.

A Kerb roller unit is now available that can boost productivity
A Kerb roller unit is now available that can boost productivity

The unit runs off hydraulic power and can operate off Curb Roller Manufacturing’s Hydra-Pack. The machine can also be hooked to any other hydraulic power source, such as a skid steer, mini excavator or tractor. The CM4000 weighs 73kg with a standard stock drum, allowing one or two people to load it into a truck.

The CM4000 can be fitted with specialty and custom drums designed to fit the need of any DOT or municipal applications. Contractors can contact the firm with kerb and gutter specifications and the company will supply custom drums as required.

The CM4000 has an adjustable standard frame that will accommodate up to 914mm feet of tube. An extended frame, for wider sidewalk kits or small v-gutter frames, allows users to screed up to 1.828m wide. An optional monolithic kit offers a float pan assembly to easily shape monolithic curb, storage unit lips and other shapes.

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