SaMoTer 2020 Preview: Pump it up with Cifa

Cifa will display its longest and lightest cement pump, the K47H.
Concrete milling, paving & compaction / February 10, 2020 1 minute Read
By David Arminas

Cifa says that it will showcase three of its best-sellers – the Carbotech K47H and Steeltech K42L truck-mounted pumps as well as the MK28L-5 truck mixer pump.

The K47H was launched in 2018 to celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary, is the longest and lightest pump on the market, according to CIFA. It is within the European legal road limit of 32 tonnes on four axles, thanks to the use of carbon on the last two sections of the boom. The boom is five sections with an RZ folding geometry and CIFA’s Smartronic electronic management system. This software collects information to manage the vehicle’s functions simply and accurately. It also provides information on the machine status at all times and manages the pumping unit, pressure and speed of the motor autonomously to optimise performance.

Meanwhile, the K42L truck mounted pump will represent the Steeltech line – noted for durability – and will be equipped with HP1608EC closed circuit pumping unit with 160m³/hour of production and 80 bar maximum pressure for concrete. Electronic management is Smartronic GOLD with ASC (advanced stability control).

Cifa’s MK28L-5 truck mixer pump was remodelled last year into a hybrid version - the first in the world, says CIFA. The pumping unit, the PB808 produces up to 80m³/hour and up to 80 bar of pressure to manage both quantitatively demanding castings and to operate with addittivated concrete that requires higher than standard pumping pressures. The MK28L-5 will also have large aluminium hose holders on the sides and the concrete shut-off valve on the end hose. It has LSC (light stability control) management system that controls correct stabilisation of the pump.

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